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Superstition Amateur Radio Club SuperFest 2014 - Thank You Page

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club would like to thank all of the Commercial Vendors, individual sellers, Amateur Radio Council of Arizona and the American Radio Relay League who attended our Annual SuperFest Event at Mesa Community College.

We would also like to thank all of the members Civil Air Patrol, our club members and other volunteers and who came out starting Friday evening throughout the day on Saturday. Without all of your help we would not have been able to have another great year.

We would like to extend a Special Thanks to all of the vendors for their prize contributions and price considerations for our SuperFest 2014 event at Mesa Community College. You helped make our 2014 event successful.

Lastly the Officers and Board Members of Superstition ARC would like to Thank Dan, KG7EOL and the Members SuperFest 2014 Committee Members who spent countless hours through the year putting everything in place to make all of this come together and work. Next to Dale N7QJK who worked diligently on our SuperFest 2014 Website...

With out the help and participation by everyone listed here we would not have been able to make this happen.
Hope to see All of you in 2015...
The Officers and Board Members of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club

Board Members:
President Steve Estes, KB7KWK - Vice President Steve Bowen, N7CPU
Treasurer Douglas Mitchell, W7ADD - Secretary Larry Kuck, WB7C

Alan Perysian, KD7TOM - Bill Cawthron, KF7SZT - Ed Taggard, K7EDT
JD Smaylis, KF7VOX - Jeff Hinze, N7CCW - Jeff Machesky, K7ZLX - Paul Estes AD7PD
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